Seminarios organizados por la FIP (Federación Internacional Farmacéutica)

Los seminarios organizados por la FIP (Federación Internacional Farmacéutica) en el mes de septiembre son los siguientes temas:

Management of chronic respiratory diseases, healthy nutrition and vaccination for older adultsAsthma and COPD affect millions worldwide. Pharmacists have a role to play in the prevention, care and management of chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs). Join our event on 28 September at 13.00 CEST to learn about the new FIP handbook to support pharmacists and their organisations in providing a range of CRD-related services and its companion reference guide on the knowledge and skills that pharmacists require for the provision of such services. Join HERE

Join us on 29 September at 13:00 CEST to learn more about how nutrition impacts immunity and its importance in supporting a strong and responsive immune system. Register for the webinar here.

Find out more about the “Food for thought” series here.

Vaccination is one of the most effective measures to prevent disease transmission and help people remain healthy and retain functional ability as they grow older. Adopting a life-course approach to vaccination and providing convenient and accessible vaccination pathways for older adults are essential to achieve high vaccination coverage rates.

Join our event on 30 September at 13.00 CEST to learn about the specific vaccination needs of older adults and how pharmacists increasingly offer reliable information and vaccination services. Join here.

Whole Body Health Symposium — free online webinar (10 CME credits).
23–24 September 2022. Free registration here.

This virtual seminar will welcome pharmacists, dental professionals and medical doctors providing CME education on the importance of whole-body health across the various specialties, featuring topics on:
• Periodontal and systemic health
• Oral health and its importance for diabetic patients
• Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for optimal health
• Mode of action of B vitamins
• Early intervention for the common cold
• Essential nutrients for women from pre-pregnancy to lactation
• Increased cardiovascular health risk in patients with periodontitis
• Pregnancy and its effect on periodontal and oral health

Endorsed by EMROPharm Forum
Supported by International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
Sponsored by Oral-B and P&G Health
Organized by CAPP Events & Training